ASMENT TEMARA: 80% of our energy is wind!

As responsible, social and innovative company, ASMENT TEMARA consolidates its leadership on the market by succeeding in securing more than 90% of its electricity consumption from wind energy to the tune of 100 GW per year.

This rate confirms the culture of sustainability of Votorantim Cimentos, which is committed to guarantee the responsible and eco-efficient use of natural resources, such as fossil fuels, raw materials or water.

Entered into service on March 2018, this park is located in Jbel Sendouq, 30 km from the city of Tangier.

After the completion of the wind power project, the sustainability issue advocated by ASMENT TEMARA, in accordance with our environmental policy, becomes a reality thanks to the reduction of the environmental impacts of our production unit through the reduction of emissions. Greenhouse gases.