Training to promote the employability of women in Douar Chama

Training program promoting the employability of women in Douar Chama ASMENT TEMARA launched an initiative for the deveelopment of the capacities of the women of Douar Chama in partnership with TANMOUNT for qualification and integration for development.

The association works for the development of women and children in rural areas. This initiative was kicked off on October 10, 2019 in the presence of the Managing Director of d’ASMENT TEMARA. Twenty selected women will benefit from diploma training over a 9-month training period.

The said trainings focused on themes as diverse as, modern and traditional sewing, pastry, and cuisine.

To ensure the sustainability and strengthen the autonomy of women through the establishment of effective and concrete professional integration levers, ASMENT TEMARA is mobilized to better support and accompany, encourage and guide, motivate and lead women who need it towards the return to employment or to the realization of more entrepreneurial projects.