Corporate Governance Model

Corporate governance at Votorantim Cimentos is guided by a set of principles, initiatives and management structures which enable an integrated vision and agile decision making.

Votorantim Cimentos has global Governance System on par with companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange, which allows us to define the business challenges and mechanisms that influence the markets of our  four business units – VCBR (Brazil), South America, VCNA (North America) and VCEAA (Europe, Asia and Africa). 

Each of these units is represented in the GET – Global Executive Team. In addition to the vice presidents responsible for these regions, the GET comprises the Votorantim Cimentos Global CEO and the executive directors of four  global areas that are strategic for the company: Finance & Latin America Participations; People; Legal and Corporate Development.

This structure is replicated in our region, with executive teams that drive the strategic directives within the local operations. Thus, our strategic drivers are managed at the highest company levels, with direct report to the Board of Directors.