Values and Beliefs

Our path has been paved with Values that are part of our DNA and form our essence. These Values are translated into Beliefs which guide our behavior in all our relationships.

What Legacy do we want to leave to the world?

Through our commitment to bequeath a lasting heritage to humanity, we are building a legacy to bring our traditions and cultures to life.
Votorantim Cimentos is today one of the largest global companies, well established in 11 countries on four continents. Far beyond the numbers, our biggest result is the legacy we build with you every day.
At Votorantim Cimentos, we are proud to participate every day thanks to our sustainable constructions in the creation of national wealth.


Our Values are represented by the acronym SEREU:

  • Solidity – pursuing sustainable growth and value creation.
  • Ethics – acting responsibly and transparently.
  • Respect – respecting people and being willing to learn.
  • Entrepreneurship – growing with the courage to do things, to innovate and to invest.
  • Union – the whole is stronger than the sum of the parts.
Values of Votorantim
Our Beliefs
  • Cultivating talents: we believe in and trust people, so we invest time and resources to cultivate their talents.
  • Merit: we believe that people are unique and deserve to be valued fairly in accordance with what they deliver.
  • Excellence: we believe we can do more and do it better, overcoming challenges with discipline, humility and simplicity.
  • Pragmatism: we believe it is essential to focus objectively on what is relevant without losing sight of the big picture and the future.
  • Open dialogue: we believe that a trusting environment favors open dialogue, creating a space in which people may speak and be heard and in which the diversity of opinions builds better solutions.
  • Alliance: we believe that our success is the result of building things together, strengthened by genuine relationships and win-win alliances.
  • Sense of ownership: we believe in people who take on responsibilities, who work with passion and lead by example, celebrating successes and transforming errors into learning experiences.
Beliefs of Votorantim